This one time…

Like all kids, Audrey likes feeling like a big kid. So when we saw the local hospital had a class for kids about to become big brothers or sisters, we signed her up. “Daddy gets to go to class, and so do I.”

The day finally came and she was so excited- it was her big day to go to class. We picked out her favorite doll and headed off to this very important adventure to learn all about being a big sister.

When we first arrived Audrey barely said her name loud enough for the teacher, who was right next to her, to hear it.

When all the children took turns sharing if they were having a brother or sister, she gained some confidence, and loud enough for everyone to hear declared, “It is a surprise!”

When the teacher asked what do babies need, Audrey proudly shouted out “diapers.”

Then is was time to practice changing the diaper. All the kids took their doll, gathered in a circle on the floor with the teacher while the adults remained in their seats. The teacher was demonstrating how to change the diaper and the kids were practicing.

Suddenly there was a voice. It was loud. It was bold. It was confident. It was very familiar. It rose above ALL the other voices in the room.

“One time” Oh, no. Where is this going? This is a scary way to start a story. Why did the room get silent?

“When my Mommy and Daddy were gone” No! No! What story is this? Have I heard it?

“And I was at my Auntie Dawn’s house” When was this? Is this recent? What happened? Why aren’t you all talking? Resume your conversations! Did it suddenly get hot in here?

“And I was helping to change baby Cayden’s diaper” No. Please. Please. Please be an appropriate story, please! Why doesn’t any other child have something to say?

“It was really, really smelly!” Ok relax, breathe. Potential disaster avoided.


The Adventures of a Pregnant Woman and Her Closet

“Yes, my favorite pants….Oh, a little (ok- a lot) snug.” Back of the closet.

“Ok, let’s try these….not quite yet. Maybe in a few weeks.” Back of the closet.

“These have to work….great! They will, I’m sure they will stretch a little as I wear them.”

Now for a shirt.” Oohh, this one is so comfy….Oh look, there’s my belly.” Back of the closet.

“Maybe this one fits now….Nope, still too big.” Back of the closet.

“This one’s has got to be it….well, what if I put a tank top underneath…yes, this will do for today, but probably the last time.”

Tomorrow the adventure begins again…

You are Beautiful

You can wake up, run a comb through your hair and go on with your day.
You can spend an hour every day putting each hair exactly where you want it.
You are beautiful!

You can apply make-up every day.
You can walk by the beauty section of the store without a glance.
You are beautiful!

You can wear hand-me-down clothes until they are thread-bare.
You can buy expensive designer clothes.
You are beautiful!

You can exercise for hours a day.
You can never see the inside of a gym.
You are beautiful!

People can tell you that you are absolutely gorgeous.
People can make jokes at your expense.
You are beautiful!

You are beautiful!

I wrote this piece to give to my daughter when she is going through that very tough adolescent phase of life.

Don’t Say It

It happened today. One of those parenting moments you know will come, you’re not sure when, and you hope to put it off as long as possible. Audrey asked for some avocado. You see, up until now its always been ava-ba-cado. I loved the way she said it- the sweet innocence in her voice. Every time ava-ba-cado came out of her mouth, I would smile regardless of my mood.

This is just one of the signs that she is growing up, getting older. I’m still holding on though. She is still my baby. And I know the day is getting closer when she will break my heart further when the aminals (animals) are no longer classified as small, big, and medier (medium).


One glance
One smile
One conversation
One comment
One piece of advice
One nights sleep
One meal
One cup of coffee
One warm embrace
One walk
One time
One word
One apology
One shred of forgiveness
One visit to the doctor
One cry
One more day
One wish


The Wild Side

I’m a rebel, a renegade, a revolutionist. I live on the wild side. I live a march to my own drum, do what I want, living outside the box, take no prisoners kind of life.

My slice is always written the night before- it’s ready for the next day- typed, revised, edited- ready to just hit publish. But not tonight- Friday night, beginning of spring break. I will deviate from routine- no slice ready for tomorrow.

-10:30 p.m. What will I write about? Rebel.

-2 a.m. I got it! (I write this piece in my head, refusing to get up and put it on paper.) Renegade.

-5 a.m. Go through it one more time- I don’t want to forget. A little revising in my head. How should I structure it? Revolutionist.

-6 a.m. Just get up and write it down. NO! Living on the wild side.

I’m a rebel, a renegade, a revolutionist. I live on the wild side. I live a march to my own drum, do what I want, living outside the box, take no prisoners kind of life, who will write my slice tonight in honor of a peaceful night’s sleep!

Sometimes you just need your Mama.

She hastily walked towards her new art class. She turns around and I give her the nod.

Sometimes you just need your Mama’s nod.

We entered the crowded museum. She reached up and put her small hand in mine.

Sometimes you just need to hold your Mama’s hand.

She fell down in front of her entire class and ran back to my arms.

Sometimes you just need your Mama’s hug.

She had a nervous look on her face when she was on stage for the big performance. We locked eyes and I smiled and watched the confidence return.

Sometimes you just need your Mama’s smile.

She calls from her room “Mommy, I neeeeeed you.” She had a bad dream. I lay by her for a few minutes.

Sometimes you just need your Mama’s cuddle.

I call her when my baby won’t stop crying.

Sometimes you just need your Mama’s advice.

It was a trying day so I dial to say hi.

Sometimes you just need to hear your Mama’s voice.

Sometimes you just need your Mama.