Like all kids, Audrey likes feeling like a big kid. So when we saw the local hospital had a class for kids about to become big brothers or sisters, we signed her up. “Daddy gets to go to class, and so do I.”

The day finally came and she was so excited- it was her big day to go to class. We picked out her favorite doll and headed off to this very important adventure to learn all about being a big sister.

When we first arrived Audrey barely said her name loud enough for the teacher, who was right next to her, to hear it.

When all the children took turns sharing if they were having a brother or sister, she gained some confidence, and loud enough for everyone to hear declared, “It is a surprise!”

When the teacher asked what do babies need, Audrey proudly shouted out “diapers.”

Then is was time to practice changing the diaper. All the kids took their doll, gathered in a circle on the floor with the teacher while the adults remained in their seats. The teacher was demonstrating how to change the diaper and the kids were practicing.

Suddenly there was a voice. It was loud. It was bold. It was confident. It was very familiar. It rose above ALL the other voices in the room.

“One time” Oh, no. Where is this going? This is a scary way to start a story. Why did the room get silent?

“When my Mommy and Daddy were gone” No! No! What story is this? Have I heard it?

“And I was at my Auntie Dawn’s house” When was this? Is this recent? What happened? Why aren’t you all talking? Resume your conversations! Did it suddenly get hot in here?

“And I was helping to change baby Cayden’s diaper” No. Please. Please. Please be an appropriate story, please! Why doesn’t any other child have something to say?

“It was really, really smelly!” Ok relax, breathe. Potential disaster avoided.