WARNING: This guide does not apply to all children, all 5 year olds, or all Audrey’s. The Audrey it is intended for is likely to change her responses any day. This guide in NOT guaranteed to work!

How to get Audrey upstairs for a shower:
On your mark, get set, (no need to say go- she’s gone)

How to get Audrey dressed in the morning:
Shhhh! Be quiet. Let’s surprise Daddy.

How to get Audrey to go to the store with Daddy so I can stay home and well, clean:
Why don’t you stay home with Mommy and Daddy will go to the store?

How to get Audrey to eat almost any vegetable, prepared any way you want:
Wait until she’s hungry- serve vegetables first and tell her the rest of dinner is not quite ready.

How to get Audrey to clean up:
I’ll time you…ready, go! (You don’t need to have a watch or anything that actually marks time)

How to get Audrey to finish her milk:
Let’s measure… Who has more? Compare. (drink some.) How about now? (drink) And now? (drink) and now?