Are you this type of person? The “I’ll do it later” person. It’s always with the smallest tasks. The one that will only take one or two minutes to complete, but I will spend much more time “planning” on doing it…later. This morning one of the bathroom light bulbs burnt out. I know I will walk in their many times today, notice it EVERY time, think about changing it, wonder if we have an extra bulb and never actually change it. I might go to The Home Depot, walk right past light bulbs and not stop. I will spend time writing about that light bulb, contemplating my word choice, reading and revising my writing about that bulb (24 revisions so far) and yet, that burnt out bulb is still in the bathroom. I will spend entirely too much time thinking about that bulb, and still plan on changing it… later. Will I change the bulb? I will…later!