Being Audrey’s mom has taught me one very important lesson- she does things HER way. “They” say that kids who are 17 months should not climb out of their cribs. “They” say to keep them safe, keep them in their cribs. Well, Audrey is not one to listen to what “they” say. Once she discovered how to get out of her crib there were no peaceful, restful, worry-free nights. We tried one of those bed tents “they” say not to use and it bought us a little more time. Then she figured out how to dig her little determined fingers into the back of the zipper and pry it open. She left us no choice. We converted the crib into a toddler bed way before WE were ready.

The first night in the new bed was (luckily) Matt’s turn to put her to bed. He followed her normal bedtime routine- stories, hugs and kisses good-night. Then he closed the door and walked into the office next door to wait and listen. It was quiet for several minutes. He started to breathe a little freer. It seemed like a good sign. Maybe this would be easier than we anticipated. Then he heard this sweet, little voice call out, “Daaaaaddy.” He walked to her room and found her standing at the door completely naked. She looked up at him and, “Daddy, I need ice.”