He raised his hand. I could tell by his face he had been thinking carefully about what he needed to say.

I was showing the class my blog and talking about how it is so exciting to put your writing out there for others to read. I told them how I couldn’t wait to read others blog posts and see what they had to say about my writing.

I called on him, curious to hear what he had to say. He sat for a moment in silence. We all waited… Finally, he said he forgot. He seemed disappointed. I reassured him that what he had to say was important and to let us know when he remembered.

Earlier in the day, the class was reading Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse and examining the text to see what words Kevin Henkes chose to show us Lilly’s character. We named traits such as impatient, reflective, and regretful. We compared and contrasted our own character to Lilly’s.

About 15 minutes after he forgot what he wanted to say, he raised his hand again and said, “You were impatient like Lilly when you were waiting to read what people wrote to you.” He was so right- and he taught me something about myself. Generally, I consider myself a very patient person and since he made the observation, I have noticed other examples of when I am, indeed, quite impatient.

My official title is teacher, but so often find myself the student in my classroom.