It started as a stall tactic to delay the inevitable…going to bed. Lights out, door gently left half-open, taking the first step away from her door, a voice calls out, “I love you more that how big the tallest building is.” Game well played! How do you not respond? We go back and forth thinking of the biggest, tallest, longest things we can imagine. When there are no more big, tall, large objects, you start putting them together. “I love you more than how big all the buildings downtown are on top of each other.” “I love you more than how long the streets are all put together.” If my object doesn’t measure up, I get a “that’s not big enough” penalty and must try again. The game has moved into other parts of the day- driving to and from school, making dinner, watching for Daddy to come home, but I will always cherish the delaying bedtime game most.