There’s just something about it. Something magical. Something that brings clarity of thought. Something that brings peace…

So many important moments in life have involved water.

Choosing where to go to college. I was undecided for a long time and then one day in the shower I just knew. “How did you finally decide?” Mom asked. All I could say was “It feels right.”

Breaking up with my college boyfriend was decided on many solitary walks around a nearby pond.

Deciding to be a teacher on a road trip around Lake Michigan with friends.

Knowning that my then-boyfriend would one day be my husband- another stop on the Lake Michigan road trip.

Numerous lessons have been planned in the shower. Many, the day they will be taught, replacing what was planned.

Sitting on the beach on a cold day with a dear friend accepting the fact that one child might be the perfect number for me even though I always thought it would be two or three.

Tears roll down my cheeks as I recall these memories. Tears that have magical powers. Tears that bring clarity to my thoughts. Tears that bring peace.