I was considering not posting today because I felt stuck. There was nothing to write about. Oh sure, I have ideas in my writer’s notebook, but nothing was ready for today. Then I sat down to reflect on my day and it came to me. I had one of those amazing moments that can sometimes slip by you unnoticed unless you take a minute to really think about it. This morning on the way to school Audrey asked how come I was going to school if I was sick. I explained to her that I am not feeling great, but not sick enough to stay home. When we came home from school, she took her coat off and even before I had our bags in the house was replacing the non-scratching pads on the bottom of our dining room chairs. She only let me help when she was unable to pull an old one off. Then she insisted on doing the dishes. (I always let her help when she wants, then redo them after she’s in bed- although she is getting better!) When I was sitting here thinking I had nothing to write about I realized that on the drive to school this morning I told her I was going to do those two things when I got home right after we talked about me not feeling well. What a valuable lesson in thoughtfulness from a four-year old!