It was a beautiful Saturday. The sun was unexpectedly warming the Earth and everyone’s spirits. It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It’s usually cold and winter is knocking on the door, but not this Saturday. Everyone was outside, thankful for this wonderous day. People were running their usual Saturday errands with smiles on their faces. The parks were flooded with kids. The world was filled with laughter and joy.

    We briefly stopped home, not wanting to miss one minute of the sunshine. As we were walking out the door, the phone rang. From the minute he answered it, I could feel it. The quietness. The eerieness. The one-sided conversation. Our sun was covered by a dark cloud that would remain in our lives. I could hear the thump thump thump of my heart vibrating in my ears. I kept holding my breath as if it would make it better- I could stop it if I didn’t breathe. He hung up. There was an accident. She did not make it. He will. Their 5 week old daughter was not with them.

    Their will be tears, anger, denial- but not today. Today was shock…just shock.