ideas come from everywhere, you just need to pay attention

    sometimes topics are not ready to be written now; keep them on the list, it might be a late bloomer

    there’s no one right way to write a piece

    writers making too many decisions in one piece to count

    a piece is not done until you have hit publish and even then sometimes its not

    ideas slip away so fast- keep your notebook near

    reading other writers pieces gives you inspiration

    some pieces encompass who you are so fully you feel you have revealed yourself to the world

    some days you can’t write as fast as you think and some days there are no words

    it doesn’t matter if someone comments, but you feel connected when they do

    writers need a lot of thinking time

    revising makes the difference

    some pieces you write float through your life and some become part of you

    being a writer can shape the way you see life

    I am a writer