New York. California. Iowa. Vegas. Jamaica. Minnesota. Kansas. Wisconsin. Matt and I have traveled to all of these places since our wedding. Yet not one was “our” vacation. We were celebrating weddings of friends and family. We were honored to be invited to each one, but we realized that in our six and a half year marriage we’ve never taken a vacation (other than our honeymoon), just for us.

    Today we are packing our bags! Our vacation. Our destination. Our itinery…Childless (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa)!

    Florida- here we come! Being the planners that we are, we have some goals for OUR vacation; relax, allow other people to cook our meals, sit down for a two hour dinner, talk- without interruptions, read, be friends with the sun, sleep in, watch hours of pointless TV if we feel like it, enjoy silence (no endless string of why’s).

    Our vacation.