One of my goals when signing up for this challenge was to share my writing with my first and second graders. The first time I showed my blog on the smart board, they clapped. They were so excited. It felt like they were proud of me. It was funny to think about because I just think about how proud I am of them. I continue to share and sometimes before they even say hello in the morning they are asking about my blog. I also showed them the comments that you make about my writing and talk about how that impacts me as a writer. My students felt very inspired by that and wanted their own blog, and to comment on each others writing. So now we have an area in the room where students can post their “blog”. They use sticky notes to comment on others blogs. I can see the pride in their work. They love reading the comments as much as I do. Because you modeled thoughtful comments on my blog, they write thoughtful comments to each other. Thank you!