I thought I was ready. Prepared. Responsible. Since Audrey was born, I have carried a crossbody purse. With the car seat and diaper bag, it was just easier. I was contemplating making the switch to what I viewed a more “grown-up” purse. I couldn’t seem to make the transition. Something was holding me back, until Sunday, walking around the zoo…the purse strap broke. I thought “This is my sign- I’m ready!”

4 days into my new “grown-up” purse, I am getting Audrey ready for gymnastics. The flashing light grabs my attention. The house phone answering machine- a neglected device my husband insists is necessary. It’s the daycare- they have my purse. Decision time- drive back to daycare and hope I make it before they close or take Audrey to gymnastics (the thing she waits ALL week for).

I’m sitting at gymnastics (with my writers notebook that I carried in Audrey’s monkey backpack), wanting to call my mom (who doesn’t carry a purse because she leaves it too many places) on the phone that is in my purse and am contemplating the color of my next crossbody purse.