“Girls don’t pee standing up.” It would have been easier to record myself and press the replay button the way Audrey persistently asked.

    Potty training Audrey was easy. No books, bribes, begging. One Sunday night she said “Daddy, I want to wear underwear to bed.” He hesitated but what’s the worst thing that happens- you are washing sheets in the middle of the night. She never wore diapers again.

    That strong-willed, determined child made it seem so easy…but as we all know if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. A few months later she noticed that the boys as daycare pee standing up and the discussions began. “Girls don’t pee standing up” became my mantra.

    Do independent, strong-willed two year olds take your word for it? Never. The next week Audrey did a lot of “experiments”and I have never washed the bathroom floor so often. Audrey did learn her lesson: girls who pee standing up have less time to play since they are always in the bathtub!