Don’t Wanna Go In

Finally a warm spring day
Don’t wanna go in
Sunshine wraps you like a freshly cleaned blanket
Don’t wanna go in
Gentle breeze whispers in your ear
Don’t wanna go in
Grills waking up from a long winter nap
Don’t wanna go in
Joyous chatter of neighborhood kids
Don’t wanna go in
Bikes racing, balls rolling, sidewalk chalk scratching
Don’t wanna go in
Making up games, changing the rules
Don’t wanna go in
Past Audrey’s bedtime
Don’t wanna go in
Cherish every minute
Don’t wanna go in
Sun slipping away
Don’t wanna go in
Something about that first warm day
…Don’t wanna go in



College days spent together
Then separate ways
Cities, careers, families

Once a year
Come together
Eat, sleep, drink
Reconnect, reminisce… laugh

Big Sister Homework

After taking Audrey to” Becoming a Big Sister” class, we were given a homework book to complete together. The following day Audrey insisted on doing her homework. We worked non-stop for an hour. I know that I will probably lose the book or end up throwing it out, so I wanted to remember some of my favorite answers and to be able to share them with her when she is older.


Q: How did you feel the very first time you learned that you were going to get a baby brother or sister?
A: Happy and Excited. I knew I would be a good sister.


Q: What do you want to know about your new brother or sister?
A: I wanted to know what a nibble was, but now I know it is the thing that goes on top of the bottle. But I know that now, so I want to know will it throw up on me?


Q: What would you like to share with you new brother or sister?
      Stuffed Animals – A: everyone
      Board Games- A: every game
      Books- A: every book


Q: Would names would you like for the baby?
A: Girls- Ella, Mella
A: Boys- Bella, Crisp

Q: What are some silly names you might call the baby?
A: cockertell, grinst


Q: What will your family look like when the baby comes?

photo drawing


Words can






be misunderstood


tear apart

be just what you need

be unnecessary


be used as a weapon


 be not enough




be withheld

be meticulously chosen

be carelessly thrown out

How will you use words today?

An Invitation

Some are there because they have no parents. Some are there because they were living in horrible circumstances that children should never experience. Some are there because their parents can not afford to provide the basic necessities of life. Some had been there all their life. Some remember what life was like outside those gates.

We were fortunate enough to be invited into their world, an exclusive invitation only sent out twice a year, for a one week duration. We accepted, not knowing what to expect. We accepted thinking we were the ones helping out. We accepted believing we were going to teach them. We accepted assuming the language barrier would impede the the learning.

They were waiting for us when we arrived. They welcomed us into their home. They took us on a tour of the school, living areas, dining hall, kitchen, clinic, and farm. They showed us how a few adults can create a loving family with almost 700 children. They demonstrated how they were almost entirely self-sufficient with their food supply. They integrated us into their daily life like we were family.

They opened our eyes to the fact that you don’t need to speak the same language to understand. They showed us that family is who you welcome into your heart. They showed us there is hope in places you might not expect. They showed us how to work together toward a common goal. They showed us you can have nothing, yet have everything.

They made a permanent imprint on my heart. I am forever grateful to that orphanage in Mexico that extended  a simple invitation.

Teaching Responsibilty

How much and what kind of responsibilities should kids have at home as they grow up? This is something that I struggle with as a parent. I want to find the perfect balance for Audrey, at every age, that she is learning to be responsible and allowing her to be a kid at the same time.

I struggle with giving her chores. First of all, I don’t like the word chores. Chores, to me, has such a negative connotation. I like to think of it as how people live- we don’t leave our things all over the floor, we put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, we put dirty clothes in the laundry so they are ready to be washed. It’s not a chore, its how you live.

I struggle with making the bed. Should she have to do it every day? I don’t make my bed every day. Some mornings are busy and I’m happy to get her out of the house dressed with her teeth brushed. Some days we will not see the bed again until bedtime.

I struggle with toys being picked up. She is pretty good about picking up after herself. But every time- no. Some evenings I pick up her toys. Should I be more strict? I don’t know.

I think one of the reasons I don’t feel I need to be more strict is because she offers to help with other things. When I do dishes, she volunteers to help wash or dry. She’ll grab a rag to dust when I dust. She is the one that usually notices the dog nose prints on the windows and wants to wash them. This evening when I told her I was going to get dinner ready after I finished the laundry, I came down to find she made the table “fancy” for dinner. She pulled out the table cloth and place mats (that we never use), put everything in place, and even made us name tags for out places.



I feel like I am raising a responsible 5 year old and allowing her to be a kid at the same time. But why am I always questioning myself?

The Thermostat Game

Up, Up, Up




I work so hard to try and please

But never get it right




Up, Up, Up

Pick one and leave me alone

Just make up your mind!